The Reclamation of The Pentagon Refers To A Series Of Events In The Year 2278

Spearhead AssaultEdit

After Successfully Repelling The Brotherhood of Steel's assault on the Water Purifier by disabling Liberty Prime and ultimately destroying it, The Enclave didn't hesitate to launch a counter attack on The Citadel. Lead by Juggernauts in the newly issued Hellfire Power Armor, The Enclave was able to push through The Brotherhood's primary defenses to gain a foothold in The Citadel. Not long after a foothold was established, reinforcements in the form of Enclave Onyx Soldiers  and Enclave Control Company. With fresh reinforcements, The Enclave was able to root out the Brotherhood from The Citadel, killing all of those who put up even a hint of resistance.


After The Pentagon was deemed secure by Colonel Autumn, preperations began on making it into a military structure to replace the recently destroyed Raven Rock Military Complex. All Brotherhood of Steel contraband was either confiscated or destroyed by Onyx Black Operations Troopers, including but not limited to antiquated suits of T-45d Power Armor, pre-war firearms, and a large amount of improvised explosives. With most of The Pentagon flushed of Brotherhood Contraband, The Enclave was able to set up a stable base of operations with more than enough defense to fend off Talon Company, Raiders, Brotherhood Remnants, and Outcasts.

Operational StatusEdit

In the weeks that followed the reclamation of The Pentagon and Operations of The Purifier, Colonel Autumn saw fit to expand operations outwards, and began setting up even more minor outposts around the Capital Wasteland in order to reinforce Enclave Superiority in the region. This, combined with Water Caravans and Vertibird Patrols provided fairly adequate travel conditions outside of DC itself. However, the threat of Talon Company and Super Mutants was still quite real. At this, Enclave Control Company was sent to raid fort Bannister, while Onyx Black Operations Troopers were sent into Vault 87 to destroy the reactor. These two operations together when known simply as "TCSM87" printed on a folder inside of Colonel Autumn's office. After these operations proved successful, Colonel Autumn set his sights at Galaxy New Radio, which was still operational under Brotherhood Remnant Control. It was seen as the last true blockade in the way of unfiying the Capital Wasteland, and was put on the Colonel's list of objectives for Enclave Control Company.