Ransack of Galaxy News Radio refers to events that took place in 2279.

Surprise AssaultEdit

With Galaxy News Radio considered a prime target by the Enclave Armed Forces, it was heavily fortified by the Brotherhood Remnants in a last ditch effort to rally the local populace against the Enclave. With Three Dog producing live broadcasts on a daily basis instead pre-recording his shows, as a sign of "connectivity to the free people of the capital wasteland". The Enclave countered this just before the assault with the re-established Enclave Radio, having Colonel Autumn speak to the people about the "current operations against the separatist boy scouts with antiquated technology", continuing on about how the Brotherhood has overstayed their visit in the nation's capital, and issued the order to either abandon their posts and flee the area, or be hunted down and destroyed. The Brotherhood Remnants not taking the threat lightly, heavily reinforced Galaxy News Radio with all their remaining forces in the area, abandoning many small outposts in order to keep from losing Galaxy News Radio. The Enclave finally attacked Galaxy News Radio after reports flooded in that Brotherhood Remnants forces were bolstered in the area, allowing for a heavy saturation of Vertibird Bombing that quickly softened the first line of defense in the surrounding area. After the first line of defense was nearly dissolved in bombing runs, ground forces attack in a large number to overrun the studio building, setting up a number of small field camps along the way. While Enclave Control Company was sent head first into the second wave of defense, Onyx Black Operations were sent around to assault Galaxy News Radio from The Mall.