Securing The OutpostEdit

After a series of miniature assaults against the New California Republic, Enclave Control Company finally began to


During The Assault

plan a small assault to secure the small trading outpost off of Highway 95 and Highway 93. As small as the victory would be, it would allow The Enclave to reestablish itself as a minor power on the west coast of America. The assault began in the late morning, resulting in a large amount of casualties on the side of the opposing New California Republic. After the smoke settled, the only individuals left were Samuel and Michelle Kerr, The Forecaster, and a few wastelanders. With the outpost secured for the time being, Enclave Control Company began setting up minor defenses so that they would have at least some sort of protection should NCR try and retake the outpost.

Raising The FlagEdit

One of the more symbolic incidents that came out of securing The 188 Trading Outpost was a photo taken by an 


Raising The Flag

unknown wastelander showing Captain Jayson D. Muller standing in front of the Old World Flag that was hoisted after the skirmish was over. The photo was taken on a Codac R9000, and made it's way throughout the Mojave Wasteland after it came into the hands of an unknown party who was able to replicate the photo with a printing press. This prompted a response from the New California Republic, who sent Veteran Rangers from Camp Golf out to try and re-secure the outpost. The counter assault proved unsuccessful, resulting in the deaths of eight Veteran Rangers and only one Enclave Recruit in T-51b Power Armor. The embarrassment was enough to strike fear into the hearts of regular NCR soldiers, most of who had no experience fighting such a formidable fighting force, even if they were in particularly small numbers.

Utilization and OperationEdit

The Enclave was quick in reopening the 188 Trading Outpost as a means of commerce in the Mojave Wasteland. It's protection provided by Enclave Control Company was highly regarded by wastelanders, who appreciated the patrols in the area, even though it usually meant their caravans being searched for "contraband", though nothing was ever reported being confiscated by Enclave Patrols. Small time merchants began settling around the outpost to sell their goods to travelers and Enclave personnel stationed in nearby encampments, including the recently uncovered Vault 119.